Angela keeps us motivated and encourages us to push ourselves to our limits. Angela always has new and exciting work outs for us.We are seeing great changes in our bodies. She is very pleasant and fun to train with and also very patient.

Corey & Elizabeth Z

The 6 week challenge for me was just that…. A CHALLENGE!

I loved having a partner that I was accountable to but life just got in the way sometimes. Since its summer it’s so much harder to not eat that ice cream or have that drink on the patio in the gorgeous sun. But needless to say I made it through and I definitely saw some changes.

I learned from the challenge to not be so obsessed about the numbers on the scale. Just keep pushing and you will see the changes in your body.

Angela is awesome and I can’t wait for the challenge.

Thanks for kicking my butt even though I glare at you from across the room (haha!)

Candice M

This challenge was harder than the first.

It wasn’t so much the lack of partner but life that got in the way. I discovered that I find it hard to make good choices when I’m spending a lot of time on the road.

The hardest thing for me was actually to eat more than I typically would eat when I’m looking to lose weight. The extra hard part of that has been to keep the protein up and the other stuff down while increasing my overall intake. It’s frustrating to see my weight go up as I try to get used to eating more, but encouraging to see my inches come down but that little bit of encouragement is just enough to stop me from going back to the way I was eating before.

My biggest victory is that now going to the gym and making time for me is part of my daily routine and I find that that is helping me keep my stress levels down.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge because I learn a bit more about myself with each one.

Bethany M.

Bootcamp Hurts! but I learned that you can workout anywhere and with very little resources.

Pauline L

I’m not ready for the 6 week challenge to end!

I’m not ready to go back to missing my workouts when “I’m not in the mood” and to eating junk food ‘because no one’s watching’.

This challenge made me think twice about the choices I was making. It made me accountable. I reflected on what I ate and I made an effort to get to the gym 3 times a week. My diet wasn’t perfect and I still have a long way to go in keeping up with my healthy journey.

But I think the most valuable lesson I learned from this challenge was “I am worth all that effort” and I can’t wait for the next challenge to start!

Thank you Angela for always pushing me to work harder!

Margaret M

Are you tired of the traditional gym, I know I was. I knew I wanted a change so I decided to try out Achieve Fitness with owner/trainer Angela Olah.

Angela makes each workout challenging and creative, no two workouts are ever the same, she also places a very high value on correct form with each exercise with a thorough explanation.

I have been attending Angela’s studio for over a year now and I look and feel so much leaner and stronger, I have learned that you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to ACHIEVE the results you want.

I hope to see you at Angela’s studio soon!

Shana G.

I have been extremely happy with Angela and her training!!

Angela has been my trainer for over 3 years and during this time I have lost approx. 40 lbs and over 46 inches (and still counting!). I started with a BMI that was close to 40 and had not set foot inside of a gym for almost 20 years.

The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Angela’s great combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise program & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

At 39, I have never felt stronger or healthier and continue to work with Angela to reach my goals. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, Angela will lead and encourage you every step of the way.

Carolyn B

It feels great that I have come so far.

And I am confident that I can reach my goal. My advice to anyone considering bootcamp: Just START it now …don’t wait for next week/ month…. its ok to get off track but don’t let it stop you …set a goal and achieve ! and yes it is possible…my motto was just to focus on the exercise and food and the weight would come off by itself. I don’t set a goal to loose 1 kg a week but my goals are more like to exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy.

Lakshmi P

Why didn’t I start doing this earlier? I forgot that I could sweat! I was unable to motivate myself to workout so bootcamp has provided it for me.

Eric W.

Angela is a warm, caring, genuine, wonderful individual who has a passion for Overall Fitness & Health.

It has been a pleasure working with her and will continue to do so. Her impeccable knowledge about fitness and health and diet has helped me to achieve wonderful results in just in her 6 week challenge bootcamp classes.

She is a great advisor on many topics of fitness, health and wellbeing, a constant motivator throughout each class and afterwards to keep you going. Through her wonderful Bootcamp program I have learned the importance of a good daily diet & exercise and how by making those life changes impact our daily lives. I’ve had more stamina, endurance and energy since working with her and look forward to learning new things.

Her constant support, overlooking food journals to make sure we are eating enough of the right foods and being there to correct and explain the exercises and their maximum benefits of doing them right and just being there daily to answer any questions you may have, make her an asset to the health & fitness industry.

I would recommend anyone who ever struggled with weight loss and fitness, diet and overall health to put your trust in Angela, and for those who say “I can’t do it, she always replies with “yes you can”.

Thanks Angela for everything.

Claudelle T

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