1) How much will it cost?

One on one personal coaching prices depend on a number of factors: how many sessions (more sessions, more discounts) and where the training will be located (in-home is slightly higher than in-studio) are just two criteria that will determine total program costs. Assessments are always free and will help to determine final costs. We always take into consideration your budget and payment plans are available.

Group sessions are a set price and are determined by the type and length of the program. Please see our programs page for more information.

2) How many crunches will I have to do to get rid of my belly fat?

There is no such thing as spot reduction. So while doing lots of crunches is certainly beneficial, it will not target the fat loss in the abdominal area. Following our workout programs you will see a total body fat loss.

3) How many days a week will I have to train?

Ideally, we suggest our clients to train with us 3 times a week to see optimal results. However, we understand that everyone’s schedules are different and we develop a program that works for you.

4) Do you keep track of my progress?

YES! In one-one-one coaching, your exercises, reps, weights etc will be recorded for you in a journal for you to review at any time. With group programs, you will receive ongoing assessments that will track your improvements and we suggest that you keep a journal of your times/reps etc for your own personal tracking.

5) How fast will I see results?

That is up to you. The more dedicated and committed you are the faster, more significant results you are going to see. We are there with you to coach you to your goals but you will have to do all the work!

6) As a female, I don’t want to look like a man! How can I exercise with weights and not get huge?

You have nothing to fear! Most women cannot build large muscles because they do not have enough testostirone in their systems to facilitate that. However, some women do tend to build muscle easy and our trainers are able to use techniques to avoid muscle bulk without losing the advantages of resistance exercises.

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