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The number one reason we fail at maintaining our gym memberships, our weight-loss and self-care routines is because we don’t have anyone or anything to keep us motivated and hold us accountable.

Connect online with other women

The Achieve! Fitness & Health Online Wellness Community is a connection to other women who are working towards the very same goals and some of the same challenges as you are – all while being guided by professionals who understand your struggles and limitations.


How much could you accomplish if you had the unconditional support of other women who are trying to achieve what you are?

How much closer to your goals would you get with real life tips & tricks, guidelines, and videos to show you how?
This online community includes the following keys to success:

  • Check-ins and Personal Development coaching
  • Members Only Groups & Forums
  • Personalized Nutritional Coaching
  • Private FaceBook support
  • Weekly/Monthly challenges
  • Workouts that you can download, print, or access via mobile app
  • Private Live Stream events and broadcasts

All of these are keys to a real, life-long transformation!

And not for just your body – but a transformation who you are and how you live your life in the most audacious way EVER!
There are NO fads, gimmicks, diets or quick fixes to be found here!

Hi, I’m Angela. Your BEST Wellness Advocate in Toronto.

And I want an amazing life for you.

My personal life purpose is to support you – a woman with a lot on her plate – on your journey towards health and happiness. And the better you feel, the more you can live your life to the fullest.

It’s my passion to help you unlock the doors to optimal health and live an audacious life!


It’s Time for You To Know You’re Not Alone

Over the last 7 years, I’ve been working with women in a fitness capacity uncovering how we, as women, tick and why we struggle. Through that I’ve discovered some amazing insights that have been turned into amazing successes for my clients – with their weight, with their relationships, and with themselves.

The most significant struggle most women encounter isn’t weight or what we see in the mirror but the negative stories and life experiences that we haven’t resolved, healed, and/or forgiven.

You’re not alone!

You CAN change

I can show you how, I can teach you all the lifestyle hacks, tips and tricks that will get you to a place where you love yourself, what you see in the mirror and the life that greats you every day. I can hold you accountable and motivate you (and hold your hand) until you get there – whatever that is for you.

You CAN be happy

I get it: I’m a mom. I’ve had to work the 40 hour work-week and then come home and help with homework and make dinner. I’ve endured the 2 hour commutes. I’ve collapsed at 9pm, exhausted and not willing to work on or care for myself.

You CAN Be Healthy

I specialize in giving busy women a helping hand. Women who are always making sure everyone else is happy. If you tend to put others’ needs before your own, then–chances are–your health is being compromised. It’s time to start prioritizing your own health and wellbeing.

What’s my approach?

I use lots of compassion, my own life experiences, and little dash of tough-love to keep you on track!

Every woman is different and unique – including the challenges. I schedule Check-ins and strategy sessions in order to get to know you and then ongoing to find out what our starting point is. I find out what’s going on in your life right now, what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t. We dig into what you want to accomplish and ensure it’s realistic and attainable and then we develop the plan for success.

I love to have everyone complete a food journal so I can assess food habits, favs and addictions. Previous experience with fitness and wellness is also taken into consideration so that the program that’s developed for you, works for you. It’s about create a program and tweaking it until your mind and body respond in a positive progression.

My credentials:

I blend it all together along with my Spiritually Guided Intuitive abilities and life experiences for the most insightful Coaching experience you’ve ever had.

Master Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

Master Reiki Practitioner

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Aromatherapy Coach

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you’re not happy and healthy, how can you be productive? Or loveable? How can you follow your passions and realize your true potential?

You weren’t always feeling this way. You have now found the long-term support you need to get back to a state of optimal health.

It’s time to invest in yourself!

Get ready to find out more!

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