“It’s all about the Inches”

I saw this statement on social media by someone promoting her weight-loss product. We read these marketing comments all the time but how many times do we challenge them?

I’m going to challenge this one!

Weight loss isn’t all about losing inches. Instead it is about learning new, healthier eating habits … and actually, eating food!!! Food is the fuel for our body and shouldn’t be treated with disdain. Some foods are better options than others and living a healthy life-style is about learning which is which. It’s about evaluating what you’re not currently doing well and learning to do it in a way that serves your body and mind. And the key to it all is BALANCE.

Extremes don’t work, and in fact, many times cause more harm than good. I’ve seen it over and over – women desperate to drop the pounds going on starvation diets, or the latest detox drinking fast, only to put all the weight back on plus 10 or more pounds only to begin the cycle again. Always putting on more weight and more weight. Let the misery ensue!!

There are solutions that work of course and it’s not as hard as you would believe.

The next time you read about the next ‘lost weight quick’ pill, drink, magic potion – challenge it!

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